Sunday 14 September 2014

what's happening

PIPS . Dear Waterfront Home Owners. It has been a while since we have used our website but that is going to change. We have updated our website and are prepared to give everyone regular updates, and a forum for communicating your thoughts. We have continued to meet as an executive, continue to sit on the GWI, and continue to monitor our local waterway issues and governesses. It has been a quite year so far, there have not been a lot of waterway concerns , and that is a good thing . I have just returned from a 2 month absence and was pleased to see the opening of the Admirals bridge. What a traffic nightmare. The good thing is that other than traffic flow the power lines now run under the bridge and that will save the lives of hundreds of waterfowl. This initiative was first raised by PIPS years ago. Not that long ago the local municipalities reneged, and were not going to do it, but thanks to pressure from numerous groups the money was spent. Now when we get Tillicum wires rerouted, all will be good. The derelict boat issue is moving forward towards are resolution that will see Victoria governing over a water lot lease that will enable them to remove these boats. However it will not stop them from moving along to an un-leased section of our waterway, some of these boats have already moved from Gorge waterway over to Esquimalt harbour then back to Gorge waterway? We shall soon find out if we have just shuffled the problem along. Some concerns had been raised about the sludge pipeline route crossing and paralleling the waterway, that issue disappeared when Esquimalt council voted down the rezoning and hence killed the planned sewage plan and pipeline. The next GWI meeting will be held on Wed. Sept 17. The GWI for those who don’t know, is a group of stakeholder groups who share an interest in the gorge waterway. It is financed ,directed, and hoisted by the CRD. Stakeholders include Municipal reps. ,CRD reps, community associations ,environmental groups, and two homeowners groups who could also be called community association environmental groups as well. The meetings are a great forum for us to share our thoughts and observations and learn what other local groups, organizations, and governances are doing and planning. Its the knowing what Is going on and who’s who, that Is invaluable.

Thursday 3 April 2014

A new Gorge PIPS Blog

A new Blog for our updated PIPS website.  As this is something new for me as I've never blogged before, this is it!  I'll post next week about the Gorge Waterway Initiative where I sit as a stakeholder representing Waterfront Homeowners and our rights.
Terry Eckstein